Virtualization technologies provide a layer of abstraction between computing, storage and networking hardware, and the applications running on it, so you can enjoy more advanced technology without installing more equipment in your office.

Is your technology taking over your office?
Do you wish you could implement new technologies but simply do not have the space to do so?

Virtualization is the answer, with capabilities that allow businesses to separate resources and services from the underlying physical delivery of those services. In other words, virtualization allows you to do more with less.

For example, with virtual memory, your software can access more memory than is physically installed in your computer, via the background swapping of your data onto disk storage. Virtualization techniques can be applied to other aspects of your business IT as well, including: networks, storage, laptop or server hardware, operating systems and applications.

Improve application performance

with rapid provisioning and dynamic load balancing

Increase utilization
by consolidating your servers

Get back on track after a disaster

with simplified recovery solutions

Go green
lower your electricity bills with fewer servers


Virtualization can also save on hardware costs, since multiple physical servers are not needed when multiple virtual servers will perform the same tasks. Money is also saved by ensuring that a company is getting the most of out their hardware. There’s no reason to buy nine physical servers and operate them all at half capacity, when five physical servers running nine virtual servers will perform the same task for half the hardware cost.


Reduced Cost

Physical Server Virtual Server
Number of physical servers 9 9
Virtualization software N/A Hyper-V
Physical server total cost $7,859.00 $7,859.00
Virtualization software cost N/A $0.00
Total cost $70,731.00 $7,859.00

Virtualization can also help maintain up-time in the event of a hardware failure. ITSolutionsLink can move a virtual server from one physical server to another server, with little to no interruption in user experience.
The benefits to virtualization are numerous, and ITSolutionsLink trained engineers can deploy, maintain, manage your virtual environment.

The key to a successful virtual environment is a design that meets your technical needs and business objectives. Using a holistic approach, we ensure your design includes the best hypervisor and storage solution for your business. From local storage, to network attached storage (NAS), to storage area networks (SAN), we offer a complete design solution.
Installation and configuration of the virtual environment requires a deep understanding of virtualization and inter-networking, as well as SAN technologies. A properly deployed environment will ensure a stable networking environment.

ITSolutionsLink offers a complete solution that includes 24×7 network server monitoring, management, reporting, and remediation of the virtual environment.

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